Charlotte Belmont Omnium

Photo Credit to Edie Haney, thanks!

So much good stuff to go over…

The weekend started in Dilworth, our favorite friendly swanky neighborhood. Myles did his usual insane schedule of back to back races and Simone toughed out the climb with her downtube shifters like a champ. The Pro/1/2/3 main event provided the most excitement for our humble squad with Zack leaking off the front after 2 laps of racing. After a group of 5 caught up, Alex solo bridged in a massive one lap effort. That put 7 guys well out front, two of them representing those increasingly ubiquitous mustard and red, bars and gems. Unfortunately a Novo Nordisk rider rode away from the group and lapped the field. Now racing for second the guys used solid team tactics to get Alex that podium spot.

From Dilworth it was a mad rush to get over to the Amateur shootout in downtown Charlotte. Kellen qualified through the Cat 3 race earlier and it was exciting to get to race across categories with some different teammates. The race was fast with many attacks (the Strava file shows that we averaged 29.3 mph after our neutral start) but both Kellen and Zack rode strong and finished in the front group.

Sunday provided us with a plethora of ways to talk about ourselves. The entire peloton blown to shreds in the first lap, Cody rode tough pulling out 5th in the Cat 4 race. Erik wasn’t far behind in 13th as everyone struggled to find wheels to follow. Simone’s 3/4 womens race wasn’t much different as the field was simply a figment of the imagination, female cyclists occupied the entirety of the course in small packs of 2 and 3. In the 2/3 race Kellen was riding on some great form that apparently he wanted to keep very secret.He gave himself a 20 sec start delay by not clipping in; a bold move that didn’t quite work out for him. Meanwhile the rest of the guys occupied the front early and often with Zack pulling out a 2 lap flyer for 2nd, with Alex and Myles not far off the pace in a race that saw less than half the starters finish.

Top photo credit to Edie Haney

more of her pics here

Sunny King / Rock Hill


Sorry about the grainy photo but that’s Justin in the front of the race at Sunny King! NBD.

In Rock Hill, Ken started the weekend out with a great result finishing 5th in his least favorite type of race [crits]. On Sunday the Masters were combined with the 4′s creating a massive field and a very fast race. Robby and Ken still finished respectably with Cade rounding out the top 25. Kellen finally was able to turn his solid form into a few upgrade points finishing 7th on the day.

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Park Circle Photos are Up

Train of ms.Roses riders

Head over to Melissa Toms website and check out all the amazing photos she captured this weekend. They’re all free to download and use as you wish. If you appreciate her being out there and want to let her know, send her a little donation via the “PayPal” link above.

Just a little sneak peak…

Pre-Reg Extended till 10:00 PM

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Many thanks to the cycling community for the great response to our Park Circle crits! With over one hundred pre-registered cyclists it looks like y’all are as excited about the new venue as we are! We want to make sure you don’t have to pay that $10/race late fee though, so we’ve extended pre-reg to 10:00 PM tonight…

Pre Reg

Union City

Photo by kngrsll

Here is Ken’s recap of the union city weekend. It’s like poetry… and should be narrated by the little Morgan Freeman in your head.

After a sub par crit on Saturday, I was really hoping to get a decent result in the road race Sunday. The conditions were going to be pretty epic; around 50 degrees, lashing rain, a race for hard men. Anyone showing up was either crazy or thought they had a good shot as a result. Me? I already paid so i couldn’t waste my money.

The race started out with good pace despite brisk rain. Despite no massive climbs, the course was essential never flat. The solid opening pace and constant rollers quickly cut our starting band of 20 ish racers to 12.

The race slowed significantly when it was realized only a dozen guys remained. A few guys put in some soft attacks that went no where. It was my turn to do the same and found myself with a gap. It was still early on but I thought there was a chance that if I roll ahead, a few guys would bridge up and we could do some work. I spent 30-40 mins alone out front with a minute gap before the group caught me. It wasn’t for nothing though, now there were only 8 left.

The remaining racers were all strong so there would be no more breaks getting away. The pace waned and waxed from fast to slow as we approached the end of the 57 mile event. The run in to the finish had a left turn with a 500k sprint to the finish but being new to the race, I was not quite sure of my bearings. I was keeping tabs on a pair of track-seasoned juniors so I would know when the pace was getting serious. They started to jump on the run into the final corner. After the left hand turn, I was sitting 5th. The two junior squirted up the inside and streaked to first and second. I managed to just pick off the two guys ahead of me to take third! It was nice to get a result and some more points after a long nasty day!

-Ken Ingersoll

WAJO Recap (Sorry it’s Late!)

cade and rand

So it sounds like WAJO-14 was a huge success for it’s inaugural year!

Jane and Cade made the short trip up to Columbia for the Women’s and Junior’s clinic. On Saturday before any races took place, riders were bumping shoulders in the grass, one handed riding, and practicing all other types of skills. When the races rolled around Jane was feeling confident. She worked a bunch at the front of the race, but due to some solid team tactics by a group of 3 women, ended up 8th in what sounded like a very strong field. Cade showed some bravery attacking the entire field with 600 meters to go. The field caught him and Mt.Pleasant racer Rand Allison with 200 m to go, but Cade still held on for a fantastic 3rd place (and his first podium of the year I believe, congrats!).

On Sunday, Jane suffered some serious mechanical problems. First jamming her chain, followed by junior gearing on a borrowed bike that’s pedals didn’t quite match up. Needless to say it was less than ideal, but Jane made the best of it winning a $10 prime for her daughter who was there cheering her on. Cade proved that his great result Saturday was no fluke. Stuck in the field behind a 2 man breakaway, he finished 2nd in the sprint leaving him just off the podium in 4th.

Another weekend with the team well represented!

Flyer for Locals Available


We’re happy to provide some great entertainment to supplement the race including a bounce house, face paint, cotton candy and more…

PC Flyer_Locals

Final Greenville Weekend/The Knot


Congrats to Jane West getting our first Mountain bike victory of the year! She won her category at the Knot, the newest mountain bike trail in Poinsett State Park, SC (Just an hour and a half north of Charleston for you MTBers).

Now back to the road…

River Falls

A huge turnout for LCR this weekend in Greenville. Barrett, Mitch, Jonathan, Ken and Alex Petkus (not on the team yet but loves peer pressure, so let him know he should join!) all tried their luck in the Cat 4′s. River Falls has a large downhill into some rollers and a nice .6 mi climb at the end of each lap. After 5 laps only Jonathon and Ken remained in the front group, both finishing top 20. Myles looked strong all day staying near the front of the Cat 3 field. Didn’t quite have the legs he wanted for the final climb but still finished a respectable 12 place. The hill proved too much even for our man in the mountains as Alex finished 29th in the Pro/1/2 field. Poor John got stuck behind a wreck on the first decent, sprinted back to the field only to realize they were starting the climb.

Donaldson…. Again

Windy. The only way to finish up the training series. Mitch and Alex found some form on the second day of racing coming in with the pack (Mitch got top 20). Ken tried the same solo breakaway move that worked so well last weekend, only to be swallowed up 50 m from the finish! Myles is really starting to show some excellent form, staying away from the field for 4 laps in a 3 man breakaway. Coming up to the line he really had a phenomenal sprint but was just beat out. Alex Kellum had the same misfortune in the sprint after a great ride, missing out on 9th place and some upgrade points to an intriguing Andy Baker bike throw.